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T and TS - for thrusters and azipods.

Our EcoSeal is a very successful and highly thought of main shaft seal. Now our designers and engineers have created a version of the EcoSeal which has all its benefits but is specifically intended for the thruster and azipod markets. The standard version, the EcoSeal T, can be installed in cartridge form which is quick and economic, and the split version, the EcoSeal TS, is an easy to retrofit solution for the common lip type seals in service today. Retrofitting these seals can be done using the old seal liners which considerably helps to keep costs down. Here are just some of the advantages of the EcoSeal T and TS seals.

  • No oil leakage to the surrounding environment
  • No parts rotate against the shaft liner
  • The option to retrofit using the existing shaft liner
  • The option to retrofit onto an existing liner
  • The option to adjust seal interface pressure from inboard the vessel
  • The design compensates for any thermal expansion, hydraulic pumping or axial movement of the propeller shaft.
  • Tested to 50M depth
  • Fully compatible with environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALSís)

More information on the EcoSeal T and TS can be found in its brochure which is available on the download page here.

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